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All you need to know about Kratom.

Mitragyna speciosa, better known as Kratom, has gained popularity over the past few years in the United States. However, with the increase in popularity, the amount of misinformation on the internet regarding Mitragyna has spread profusely.

From myths that need debunking to huge unrealistic claims made by substandard brands, new users need to get accurate information before they decide to jump on the Kratom bandwagon.

We at Kiody Wholesale believe in quality and transparency – and bring you nothing but the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding our products. As far as Kratom is concerned, everything you need to know from strain selection to cautions have been mentioned in the article below:

Where does Kratom originate?

Kratom belongs to a family of plants called Rubiaceae that we all are familiar with – coffee. The best Mitragyna is grown and imported from Southeast Asian regions of the world, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The plant has been farmed and used for medicinal purposes in these regions since ancient times.

How does Kratom work?

Kratom has a huge number of benefits associated with it. However, these effects are brought forth due to the presence of alkaloids present in the plant. Alkaloids are chemicals that act on your endocrine and central nervous system receptors to yield a certain response in the body. Mitragynine is one of the richest alkaloids present in the Kratom plant. This alkaloid works in synergy with the other alkaloids present in various strains of Mitragyna to yield the amazing effects of the plant.

How should you select your strain?

Strain selection is perhaps the most important facet of using Mitragyna for the first time. Every strain of Kratom has a slightly differing alkaloid content and, therefore, yields different effects when used. Red-veined strains are mostly analgesic and relaxing, white veins tend to have a more stimulating effect, and green-veined strains have an effect in the middle of both these veins.

Usually, beginners tend to choose green-veined strains. Maeng Da and Borneo are some of the top picks. However, it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

Selection of a vendor:

This is another important factor when trying out Mitragyna. Due to the increase in the substance’s popularity, it has immensely increased the number of substandard vendors selling poor quality Kratom. We at Kiody aim to sell the best quality Kratom at extremely reasonable prices. Not only do we have great quality, but the best shopping experience as well. We make sure that your experience with Kratom is nothing short of the best.

Precautionary measures:

Although Kratom is generally safe, there are a few precautionary measures you need to keep in mind before making the substance a part of your daily routine.

The first precaution includes a small test dose. Take a very small dose of your strain (less than 1 gram). This small dose will allow you to figure out if you have any allergic reactions to the substance. If you do not feel any sense of unease or discomfort after the test dose, proceed to use your Mitragyna.

Another important factor to strictly monitor when using Kratom is your dosage concentration. It is important to start with a small dose and build your way up to avoid unpleasant side effects.

Kratom is the next big thing in the herbal market and comes with a lot of benefits. However, the substance must be used with precision and care. Find the best Kratom products at Kiody Wholesale!